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I just got a Canon Rebel T2i. I love it, but I'm also a bit scared. My question is if I'm shooting with AF can I move the lens barrel to get closer to the object I want to photograph or that will damage the lens? Or can I move it only when im using manual focus?


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    @andrea - I am not sure if you are asking your question just right. If you have a zoom lens like a 18-135mm (for example) then your "lens barrel" is moving all the time when in auto mode.

    Not wanting wanting to sound rude, but Canon lens have two focal rings. First is the zoom ring, which is the wider one closest to the camera body. By turning this one you get your close in and wide zoom.
    Next is the little narrow ring just right at the end of the wide ring. This is the ring you manipulate to get your fine focus. This one brings the image into sharp focus. You would focus with these rings if you were to shoot in manual focus mode.

    In auto mode the wide ring's function stays the same. It can be turned to get the desired zoom for the picture you are wanting. So, that leaves the narrow ring.

    In Auto mode the camera will focus the image. If you look you will see the barrel moving. If you were to try to turn the narrow ring while in auto mode you could damage your lens. What could happen is the gears used to rotate the barrel are so fine that they would break or strip out, causing it to have to be replaced. I have checked on this and the service people told me it is cheaper to by a new lens (it was an older lens I got at a yard sale).

    I have read about some new lens' that let you turn the fine focus ring while in auto mode. They would all be marked to denote this.

    I hope this helped clear up your question.

    Later & Happy Shooting,
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