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Hi all,

I am a bit new to DSLR photography and still trying to get my head around some of the available settings on the D3100.
I had an DSLR many years ago and when you bought 35mm film it was available in various ISO grades with ISO 200 being most popular for all around use.
I recall that when using ISO 1000 film you could shoot at very low light levels, but the trade off was a more grainy image.
I'm guessing that the ISO setting on DSLR's is just a Gain setting and the higher the setting (as with film) the noisier the image will be?
My query is what is the optimum manual ISO setting on the D3100 for the best image or should you just set to Auto ISO?

Cheers, B


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    You can set the ISO to 100; it's the finest setting on this camera. If you use Auto, the camera will decide what ISO to use and it might not always be what you want.
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