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I've learned lately that the A, S and P mode give you more free range with the camera so I decided to try my way in. Today I did some shots with the S mode and every picture turned out bad. There's noise and too much grain in the picture. I was wondering what did this since I was outside in the sun? What do I DO to stop it since obviously those are not the kind of pictures I want to take? Here's an example of a picture I took today : http://i55.photobucket.com/albums/g155/caromadden/016.jpg.


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    To me the image looks dark and a little under exposed.
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    A = aperture and P sets things for you just like automatic, but you can freely adjust anything. Don't force use flash.

    S= you control your shutter speed. I wonder what your shutter speed number was when you took the photo? Outdoors on a sunny day shutter speed number should be high 1/2500 even.

    I recommend using A and P modes for starters.
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    I actually had it at 1/4000, maybe it was too much. I didn't even realize I could put it on 1/4000.
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    The more you practice with M mode, the more you'll learn. That fast shutter speed was how you caught the bee in mid-flight. Much slower and he would have been blurry. I'm guessing the aperture wasn't wide enough. For garden shots like that where I don't need any depth of field, I use the widest aperture possible so I can use the fastest shutter speed and freeze the motion.

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    Thanks for all the answers, I'll try again with what you said. :)
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