Nikkor 18-300mm lens

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I've been operating with a D5100 and two lenses; an 18-55mm (kit lens) and a 55-300mm telephoto. My son bought the new D5100 and the 55-300mm from me. I ordered both the D5100 and the new 18-300mm lens to keep from having to switch them out. We just returned from an Alaskan cruise and I used the telephoto lens the whole times because the issue of the carrying two lenses - hard to do on excursions. I kept the 18-55mm lens as I do a lot of stepped focus macro photography for my modeling business.

Anyway, have you any experience with this new lens? Any issues to report other than weight?



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    I know this is quite late but I've been perusing old posts. I've had the 18-300mm on my D3200 since I bought it a month ago. I am absolutely loving the fantastic range and the surprisingly good IQ for the price and range comprise.
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    I just got this lens and I am so happy! I got it on the Nikon site for $540. I'm getting rid of the 18-140mm. This lens is crisp and has gorgeous bokeh. It's the same size as the 18-140mm, but a little heavier.
    I have a D5500.
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