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Im trying to work on night photography at around dusk but I'm getting a slight blur. I'm using a D3100 with Nikon VR 70-300mm. I am trying P mode with ISO 3200. I still am getting blur so I switched it up to P mode ISO 400 and popped my flash. The blur went away but the picture was a little washed out. Any suggestions?


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    A tripod if you're not already using one. The shutter may be open longer than you can hand hold the camera. If already using a tripod, use the delay timer or a remote release so you don't have contact with the camera.
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    Use a tripod or shoot at faster shutter speed and bigger aperture. Don't bump ISO too much.
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    Thank you both I will work on your suggestions.
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    I used a tripod this weekend at the rodeo and my photos came out better. I still have some things to work through but I'm making progress.
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    Just another little suggestion (as Dino suggested but a little explanation) as you're using a zoom lens 70-300mm. Your shutter speed should be no less than 1/300 if you're shooting at full zoom. As a general rule of thumb you divide the focal length by 1, and then you get your minimum shutter speed if your using the camera handheld (if my memory serves me correct).

    I think that your flash is not required if the subject is more than 5-12 feet away, as the flash is not that powerful. Hence a well lit stadium would help; if the lighting is poor then the shots will be too.

    Also I see your trying a tripod. If you've not already done so turn the VR off. This is because the camera is trying to stabilise the shot, but because you're using a tripod this will confuse it. The outcome may be blurred shots.

    Hope this helps.
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    Wow Riddelske, great tips! Thank you and I will try the tips you suggested above.
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