Rodeo pictures with blur

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I am attempting rodeo photography at night. My pictures either have blur or are coming out too dark. I started on action mode but at night that's not working. I then tried P and changing ISO still having blur issues. Can anyone help me? Thanks in advance.


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    Use M mode.

    Aperture: turn your aperture to the widest setting (smallest number), which depending on the lens you're using would probably be f/3.5 or f/5.6.

    ISO: start with ISO 400 or less.

    Shutter speed: start at the fastest (1/4000) and change to a slower shutter speed until your camera no longer says "Subject is too dark".

    Look at the pictures. If the shutter speed is still not fast enough and you're getting motion in your shots, move the ISO up one jump at a time. But be careful, too high of an ISO will create a grainy picture.

    Test on moving objects like cars on a street or running animals in similar lighting before doing the rodeo shoot. Getting crisp action shots in low light is difficult and that is why there are really expensive sports lenses.

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    Thanks krystal I will try all your suggestions.
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