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Good SD card

Is there an SD card that's better than another? I've heard you cannot record videos with certain cards as well.


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    If you stick to the well known brands ie. Lexar, Sandisk, Transcend or PNY you can't go far wrong as they are generally reliable.
    For video recording the specifications of the card are the important things to look for eg. Class 10, UHS 1 or 3 etc.
    The link below gives you a good explanation of the facts and figures.

  • So is it better to go with a Class 10, UHS 3 rather than a 1? I apologize, I am new to this and its really confusing, LOL!!
    If you intend to shoot a lot of video, then yes go for UHS 3. For stills and occasional video UHS 1 will do. In either case you should opt for Class 10 cards.
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