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HDR setup

edited December 2015 Posted in » Nikon D5200 Forum
Several times I've used the HDR option embedded in the "Info" menu on D5200. It automatically switches off after each shot, then I have to go through the menus to activate it.

Is there any option to keep it ON until the user decides to change the settings again?

Alternatively, it would be great if HDR would be disabled after switching off the camera.
A quick OFF/ON flip would be faster than going through the menu (total five button press).


  • Frame a photograph, focus, and shoot.
    The camera takes two exposures when the
    shutter-release button is pressed all the way
    down. “lu” will flash in the viewfinder
    while the images are combined; no photographs
    can be taken until recording is complete. HDR
    turns off automatically after the photograph is
    taken; to turn off HDR before shooting, rotate the
    mode dial to a setting other than P, S, A, or M.

    ref page 71 user manual
  • I think the answer is using paintshop pro after taking the photos.
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    Thanks fo a tips.
    I know how to switch HDR on and off, but my question was about how to change the setting to have it easy accessible.
    I already swapped the function of the ISO button for HDR, and so far so good. Only downside is that ISO setting is available only through the menu, but I can live with it.
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    Somewhere, probably in some room, Nikon engineers make a decision on how persistent some functions will be. So, for example, the self timer must be reactivated for every shot, and the same, it seems, for HDR. This is probably what most people want most of the time. Unfortunately, there is no custom setting, at least on these cameras, by which you can change that, but it's not likely ever to happen.

    You've probably gotten as close as possible by putting HDR on the function button. You could put ISO on "My menu" to make it a little quicker to get at.

    I don't have My Menu on the D3200, but when you use a menu item, that is the item and the menu that opens by default next time you push the "menu" button. So if you put your most frequent items on My Menu, the "menu" button will usually go at least to My Menu, if not to the item you want, saving some steps.

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    Thanks, this was useful.
  • edited May 2016
    Thank you. I have never tried this HDR before and I have been using paintshop pro x6 since I read your question. It works great post shooting. I select a photo, then + file + HDR = process + process = edit + save. I think this might be the solution and frees up your ISO button.

    Great fun, and so artistic.
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