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Star lapse orange (sepia) problem.

edited April 2016 Posted in » Nikon D3200 Forum

When I take pictures of the stars, there is always a red glow on the picture.
How can I fix this?

Kit lens
Nikon D3200

Here are some pictures:


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    This is possibly light pollution. Is there a village/town/city in the direction you are shooting?
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    I agree with @ASINLEMOUAT. Space is not black, it is a dark magnolia and nothing shows this up better than light pollution. If you look at NASA's images of the universe before they are processed, you will see the same sort of red/brown cast. So don't worry, you are doing nothing wrong.
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    Try setting white balance to daylight, not auto. Shoot in RAW for more after shot control. Try changing white balance in NX2 or paintshop.
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