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Problems with mic

edited April 2016 Posted in » Nikon D3200 Forum
I tried to send the signal from my Tascam DR70 to the 1/8inch jack on the camera. Now even when the Tascam is detached, my cameras mic stays in the off position and won't allow me to use it (record audio).


  • It's not clear when you say you tried to send the signal whether anything occurred, and whether the plug fit correctly. But in any case, I'd go back to the menu, and make sure that the microphone is set on, and the volume control either turned up or on auto. I'm not very familiar with the movie settings here, but check pages 88 and 90 of the manual for a start.
  • Hey @soundproof - I agree with @bruto...inside the menu, there's an option for setting the microphone sensitivity. You may have to boost it depending on the output of the Tascam.
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