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Auto focus issue

edited March 2016 Posted in » Nikon D5200 Forum
I have a Nikon D5200, and the auto-focus is not working properly on view point (on live view it's working fine). Can somebody help me with the issue? I also upgrade its firmware, but it's still not working.


  • AF between viewfinder and Live View is completely different, and uses different mechanisms.

    It's possible for the viewfinder AF to be misbehaving but LV still fine. If it's working on LV, then the lens is OK.

    First thing I'd do is make sure that the focus point is centered, and not accidentally off. Then try setting it to single point, single servo focus, and see if it works at all. Try focusing on objects at very different distances to make sure the lens is actually moving.
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    I have different lenses and I checked with all of them, but there is still a problem. The lens also moves to focus on objects, but the picture is still not as clear as it should be, or as it was before.
  • If it is moving, but not focusing well, it could be a malfunction, as the auto focusing sensors can become damaged or dirty. The Live View AF actually uses the sensor, and is thus always accurate (at the cost of slower operation and poorer low light performance).

    I'd still do some final checking at various focus settings, just to be sure, but it sounds as if it might be in need of service.
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    Thanks, I think it's a sensor problem. Where are you from?
  • I live in Vermont, USA. Pretty far out in the country. Just about anything involving more than a sensor cleaning one must send off.
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    Thanks bruto. Can you tell me where the AF sensor is located on D5200? I will take it to punga to fix it. I am from Pakistan and this word punga has many different meanings. One of them is "someone who doesn't know what to do or how to do it, but he believes he can do it".
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    I believe the AF sensor is located behind and beneath the main mirror. It's a pretty sensitive bit of gear, and I would not suggest it's something you can work on yourself. I would suggest that if you have the ability to clean sensors and to check inside, or know someone who can do this, it might be worthwhile seeing if a good cleaning can help. But if the AF sensor is damaged or displaced, I would not risk doing it myself, as among other things I can't even say what adjustments are possible and what they would accomplish.

    I would just add that if you do want to pursue this (against advice) you should do some further google searching. First search for "DSLR autofocus sensor location" and similar, to find out what you're looking for, and then for "autofocus sensor cleaning" to find out what might be possible to do without actually harming it.

    Sorry I can't be more helpful, but though I've indulged in some pretty deep "punga" work myself at times, this one is further than I'd care to go.
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