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Lexar Professional 1000x 128GB SD

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Currently I am using "Lexar Premium 200x 8GB SDHC Class10 U1" memory card in my Canon 60D and everything works fine. I am planning to upgrade to "Lexar Professional 1000x 128GB SDXC UHS-II/U3 Card (Up to 150MB/s read)" memory card. Does Canon 60D support 128GB? I saw you've mentioned Canon 60D supports 128GB memory cards in your memory card advice, but I am little confused with the mixed reviews in online.


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    I am interested to know what type of photography you are doing which would warrant such a high capacity card. The other numbers are inconsequential as they will not make your 60D work any faster or increase the speed at which it buffers data.
    A fact of life many people don't appreciate until it happens to them is that memory cards can and do fail. I learned many years ago with the introduction of digital cameras that it is better to carry 2 or 3 cards with a smaller capacity than 1 card with a high capacity. If one fails, then you have only lost that amount of data. However, if a high capacity card fails, then you potentially could lose the lot.
    I carry a 2 x 16GB Lexar professional cards - 1 in camera and 1 spare. I shoot RAW which produces the largest file size and I have never fully filled the card which can hold just under 500 RAW files.
    Of course, if you wish to shoot video, which I don't because I do not consider it the best use of a DSLR, then a higher capacity card is useful, but I would still tend to invest in 2 x 64GB rather than 1 x 128GB.
    Please note that all the above is my own personal opinion based on years of experience and I do not expect anyone to take note of it.
    To answer your original question - yes the 60D should be able to support 128GB as Moose says.
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