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Downloading pictures and videos

edited January 2016 Posted in » Nikon D5200 Forum
Hi, I have a couple of cameras, including a Drift Stealth 2, an old Canon FS100 video and a Coolpix 8700, all of which I can remove the cards and plug them straight into the slots on my PC to download. In fact it is much faster this way!
My D5200 however will only download through the camera via a USB lead. If I take the card out and plug it straight in as with the other devices it is not recognized at all or comes up as a drive with no disc in it and demands that a disc be inserted, in Properties it says there is no data and total free space available, but back in the camera the pictures are there and can be downloaded via USB lead.
I know it's not a big problem, but it only happens with the D5200 and I do like to download this way. Any Ideas?
Love the site by the way.


  • How old is your card reader? Many card readers cannot recognize the faster SD cards above 2 gigabytes, and will return odd errors.

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    The PC has various different size card slots and is probably 4 years old, but I don't think that that is the problem. It will recognize the same 16 gb card when taken from the Canon but won't recognize it if taken from the D5200. The PC also recognizes the 32gb microSD cards from both the Drift and my cell phone.
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    On second thought, I think you are right! I think 16gb is the highest capacity card that it recognizes. I have tried updating, but it says that it already has the latest drivers, so I guess for now I'll just have to use the USB lead.
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    It may be a format issue with the card, but I'm guessing that a newer card reader might solve the problem. You can get cheap USB card readers, probably cheaper than the cost of another good card. I've had good luck with those on cards up to 32 gigabytes, except that the really really cheap ones are pretty easy to break. If it says it's good for "SDHC" it's probably OK.
  • Thanks Bruto.
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    I upgraded to windows 10 and my inbuilt card reader would not work. The computer said it was working but it did not recognise a card when inserted.
    I changed the driver for the card reader and it works again.
    It's a common problem.
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    Hi Haggis, I will not be upgrading to W10 until I have no other choice, but I am interested to know what did you change the Driver to?
    Mine says that it has the best Driver it can have.
    I'm on W7 by the way.
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    I agree, keep windows 7 as long as possible. As far as the driver goes I have a C850 Toshiba. The system said all is working, and the best driver has been used. When the memory card is inserted, there's no noise, and no pictures. Decided to find Toshiba driver for card reader by Toshiba

    I selected the one I thought was correct and downloaded it, then into device manager and updated the driver. The card reader now makes a noise when the card is inserted and opens info on cards. Good luck.
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    Mine is Packard Bell. I'm just going to have to put up with having to plug the D5200 in via USB lead to download. My card reader seems to read everything else, the D5200 is the only one that uses 32gb cards.
    Thanks for all the help.
  • As long as that works, it's fine, but I'd keep my eyes open for a deal on an external card reader, as it can make life a little easier and can be used on multiple computers.
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