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Camera Settings with IR lighting

edited November 2015 Posted in » Nikon D3200 Forum
I have interest in the paranormal. Are there suggested night/darkness settings that need to be set to use IR lighting?


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    I suggest you do a Google search for more on this. Most digital cameras, the D3200 among them, have IR filters over their sensors that make IR photography very difficult. For an unmodified camera, the only choice is a filter that allows only the remaining bit of IR light through, and requires very long exposures. The alternative is to modify a camera or have it done, which can be expensive. The older D70 and some of that era are considered good candidates for this, being inexpensive to buy but still making good pictures, but the conversions can still be fairly expensive.

    My son did some IR experimenting a while ago with a 6 megapixel digital Canon, using the lens filter. It was tripod work, but the results were pretty nice. Basically only good for scenery, though, since the exposures are so long.
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    Thanks for the information. I will follow through with your suggestion. I did take some photos without attempting any IR lighting filters just used the natural light available at night. I did get some clear pictures and a couple of shots of what people call "ghost mist". I will continue to explore. Thanks!
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    The camera's meter would like to see everything average out to medium gray. For that reason, if you take an uncompensated picture at night, it will come out overexposed, looking more like bright moonlight or some imaginary twilight, and things that are not readily visible to the naked eye may become so. But the light in the picture is in the visible light spectrum.

    I will refrain from commenting on supernatural phenomena, but night photography can be rather interesting if you play with that effect.
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