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Lens error

edited May 2015 Posted in » Nikon D3200 Forum
My husband bought me a kit that includes two lenses. The problem is they only work in manual, other wise I get a lens not attached error. Does this mean I must stay in manual and not use the other settings or am I doing something wrong? Please help.


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    It would help if you could specify just what those lenses are and what they say on them.

    If these are AF lenses, they should work in all modes. If they have electronic contacts on them, they are AF. If they have no aperture ring, they are "G" type lenses. All AF lenses should meter with the D3200, but those that require an AF motor in the camera will focus only manually.

    If these are AF lenses, check that the contacts in the camera are clean.

    If these are old AF lenses with an aperture ring, make sure that the little tab on the aperture ring is pushing down the switch on the camera (about 9:00 as you face the front of the camera) all the way. The aperture ring must be locked at the smallest aperture, and the switch must be depressed. Some such lenses will bump into the switch and need a little help with a fingernail to seat them fully.

    If these are manual lenses without electronics, they will indeed work only in manual mode and will not interact with the built in meter. For exposure, you must use an external meter or guesswork, and then use the preview histogram for fine tuning. This actually works very well, but takes some practice.
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    M y lenses are the 18-55mm dx and the 55-200mm dx.
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    If those lenses are not registering with the camera, there is something wrong. Those are the correct lenses for this camera, and should work without fuss.

    Check that the electronic contacts on the camera and lenses are clean (alcohol on a swab), and make sure you're putting them on right (sorry if that sounds too elementary, but one never knows). I don't think you can put them on wrong, but one never knows. Make sure the white dots line up, then twist the lens counterclockwise until it clicks. If it does not register, wiggle it a little to see if it establishes contact.

    If that does not work, then you are not doing something wrong, but the camera is.
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