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Blue colored photos

edited April 2015 Posted in » Nikon D3200 Forum
Hi all,
I purchased this new Nikon D3200 and noticed when I take pictures they all turn bluish. When I use the manual settings like the aperture they get even more blue in them.
I tried white balancing the camera by taking a picture of a yellow sheet and set the white balance based on that picture. I took pictures again to no avail. The blue is still there.
Any tips please?


  • edited April 2015
    I have found that the automatic white balance setting runs a bit cold in daylight, though it compensates pretty well for artificial light. If you want to warm up the color, try changing the white balance to cloudy or overcast.

    I think your idea of the white balance adjustment, while good in concept, may have been backwards. If the camera sees a yellow sheet as white, it will make everything that is white bluer. If you want to warm up the color, you must make it turn the slightly blue to white.

    If you shoot in Raw mode, you can use View NX2 or Capture NXD (the former comes with the camera, the latter is free from Nikon) and change the white balance in post processing.

    This is all assuming that there's nothing wrong with the camera. It should be possible to get the color temperature you want, but there's a lot of personal preference involved here.
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