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Error message

My D3200 is only a couple of weeks old.When i am NOT using the Auto mode a lot of the time i get a error message saying release shutter button I have to turn the camera on/off to clear it. Is it because the exposure setting are wrong even though it did take a desent picture,or is there a fault with the camera.


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    According to the instructions there is an error message saying "error. Release shutter button again", and this should not occur frequently. If it does, you should probably return the camera for service.

    Before doing this, I might suggest reseating the battery and memory cards, and re-attaching the lens, just in case there's a glitchy contact. This message should not be appearing regularly if at all.

    This is not a message you should get for out of range exposure settings. For that you may see a screen warning that the scene is too dark or too light, but the camera will continue to operate, and will give you a bad picture.
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    Thanks Bruto, I will give that a try when I get home. Thanks again.
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    After re-setting battery/lens and memory card the issue did not resolve. Went on holiday and the problem got worse by the day. I have now replaced with another new D3200. All looks good so far.
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