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Moon Shots

edited December 2014 Posted in » Nikon D3200 Forum
I saw a post somewhere on here about moon shots with the Nikon D3200, but I couldn't find it, so I hope it's ok to ask here again. I am having a terrible time with moon shots. I can't get my settings correct as this camera does not have the moon setting on it. I tried taking it without a flash on the no flash mode. I've tried on the dark setting, and I've tried on the sunset setting in the preset mode, but not much luck. I am using the 200mm lens. Any suggestions on what else to try? It's driving me mad not to be able to a crisp clear shot. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.


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    I'm not sure if I can share my settings for the moon here. I'd be more than happy to as I have written them down.
    One thing for sure is I use a tripod and remote for the camera. The remote and tripod for my camera shake. I have a hard time with the moon with out remote and tripod.
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    Two things you should know about photographing the moon. It's very bright, and it's actually moving. That means a fast shutter is required.

    Check out this shot I took:

    It was taken at 200mm, ISO-100, f/8, 1/400 (it's cropped, obviously).

    Use M (Manual) mode and try your shot at those same settings. Then adjust your shutter speed depending on how bright you want the moon to look.
    Also, use manual focus. Use Live View and press the zoom in button to magnify the image. Then turn your focus ring until the moon is nice and sharp.
    No tripod necessary, but it doesn't hurt to use one if you're not comfortable hand holding the shot.
  • I've taken pictures of the moon from my roof top at 200mm and the detail is just incredible. i had a set up ISO-400, f/12, 1/200.
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