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Metering and Focus mode confusion

edited March 2014 Posted in » Nikon D5100 Forum
I went to a local zoo and took some pictures there, but I'm not sure which metering type I should have used. In some of the pictures the subject was in the center still when I opened the pictures on my laptop, and the results were blurry. I am curious to know what the best settings (focus mode and metering) are for wild life where the subject never stops anywhere more than one second.


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    It's not the metering that's giving you blurry shots. The metering will only affect whether you've properly exposed the scene. You've either not focused properly or your shutter speed wasn't fast enough.
    For wildlife that are moving around and where you need to pan your camera to keep them in the frame, use Dynamic Area for autofocus.
    Also, you'll need to keep your shutter speed fast enough to eliminate the subject's motion blur. This depends on how fast the animal is moving. If the animal is running, then use something like 1/1000 sec. If it's just walking, then you can probably get away with 1/500.

    For metering, just use matrix.
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