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My camera isn't turning on after I took the memory card out

edited December 2013 Posted in » Nikon D5100 Forum
I took some pictures over the holidays and my mother wanted them on her own computer. I told her I would send her the pictures but she refused and forced me to give her the memory card claiming that nothing bad will happen. I gave it to her so I really don't know what she did with the memory card (a sandisk 32GB). She said she plugged it in the computer, but after she gave me the memory card back I put it back in the camera and now the camera won't even turn on! It's dead! Any help or tips? It could be the battery but I remember it was half-way charged yesterday.


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    Hi Kat,
    There is no reason why the camera should not turn on even without a memory card. If the card was corrupt you would be given a message on your camera. I suggest try charging the battery fully and try again. If this does not work, do you have a spare battery (always a good idea to have a spare)? If you do not have a spare, take your camera to your local, friendly photo store as they usually have batteries available so they can demonstrate cameras. They might even solve your problem for you. Good luck!
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