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Reset my Nikon D3200

edited November 2013 Posted in » Nikon D3200 Forum
l just purchased my Nikon and somehow changed the settings, and I'm finding it difficult just taking a photo. Could you please inform me to what settings on the view finder I use to take normal photos for now? l will have to get some lessons but was hoping to get the camera to take photos easily. Also, can the screen show what l am looking at when taking a photo? At the moment all it shows is numbers.

With thanks, Simone


  • edited November 2013
    Hey @Simone50 - To reset any settings you may have changed, just jump into the menu, navigate to the setup menu (wrench icon) and select 'Reset Setup Options'.

    As for everyday/general shooting...just rotate the mode dial to P. It's the same as Auto, but it unlocks some additional features you may end up using at some point.

    To see a live image on the LCD screen, just press the (Lv) button on the back of the camera.

    If you need help with in-camera settings, I just release a set of cheat sheets for the Nikon D3200 that tell you exactly which settings I would use in a given situation. You can check them out here:

    All the best!
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