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Amusement Park Shots

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I am switching from a point and shoot to DSLR. I have used rebels, but the 60D is my first DSLR. Any suggestions about shooting at an amusement park?


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    If you're feeling adventurous, try panning while shooting (tracking the subject while in AI Servo mode, page 77 in the manual).

    Good luck with the 60D. There are several of us on this forum who have had this camera for some time and are still trying to tame the beast, but it's worth it!

    As liontamer suggests above, things like candy floss and lenses/controls do not mix well.
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    When trying to shoot someone on a roundabout, don't try to track them. Focus on a specific point, set a fast shutter speed and continuous shooting and rattle off a few to ensure getting a keeper.
    Regards, PBked

    P.S. @liontamer - English to English - roundabout = carousel
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    I do believe Moose is getting just what he wanted for this forum:
    "Hangout with me and my friends as we share questions, insights and experiences with one another...and maybe even a funny story or two".
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