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Night Photography

edited March 2013 Posted in » Nikon D5100 Forum
I was trying to shoot night photography and video, but every time I do it's noisy. If anyone can suggest a tutorial that would be great. It's not the quality I was expecting compared to some of the YouTube videos I've seen. Thanks!


  • What lens are you shooting with?
  • @dolphin_m70 - I agree with @Adelphos, we'll need to know a bit more about your entire setup, including the lens used, the subject you were trying to capture and the type of light you were shooting under (outdoor or indoor light).
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    Also, we'd need to know ISO and other settings. I'm not into video, but I could offer something on stills.
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    I was using the 18-55mm kit lens, indoor (not very bright, incandescent) with ISO 1600 and aperture f/3.5. Subject was a Pepsi can with blurred background. I also tried the same settings on a family photo (for video and still), just as a test run. When I try in aperture mode the picture still comes out dark. I don't know what I am doing wrong.
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    You need a greater aperture (f1.4-f/2.8) if you want performance in the dark.
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    I tried with the Nikon 35mm f/1.8 and it came out good. The problem is if I want to take the still/video from a distance, it's a bit difficult; everything appears smaller.

    If a generalized settings is advised, then I can form a base. I will try to work with different options and distances. What about night photography outside or shooting buildings at night where there is very little light?
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    Are you shooting at 50mm and with a tripod?
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    Is that 50mm on the 18-55mm or another lens (the 50mm ones)? The latter I can't afford.
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    I'm new at this, but trying to shooting/video at car race tracks(mostly at night). I have the kit lenses 18-55 & 55-300. Video is a blur. I have a mono stand. What lens to use? I have read to go to manual focus, but still blurry! #rookie
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