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Introductions Thread

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Name: John

From: Australia. Unnecessary but I thought this would be interesting to add to the introduction thread.

Weapons of choice: Nikon D5100.

Artillery: 18-55mm VR Lens. I don't have any camera gear or accessories yet.

History in photography: The Nikon D5100 is my first DSLR and so far my photography skill level is at zero. Before owning a DSLR, I would take pictures with standard digital camera's and also my Nokia N8 phone's 12mp inbuilt camera. I never knew much about the quality of pictures a camera could produce until joining a picture phone app that compelled me to learn more about cameras and photography in general.

Sites: In regards to pictures, I'm a member of a small growing community of photographers and randoms on a website called molo. Random meaning people that upload pictures that aren't their own.

Reason for being here: I’m here to learn more about my camera and photography in general.

Other: I’m a photography novice that's looking into getting more camera gear/accessaries and I want to improve as a photographer. I'm into photography as a hobby, not a profession, and I’m looking forward to reading everyone else’s introduction!

Please sticky this thread. Hope to hear from everyone else.


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    Name: Jim

    From: Boise, Idaho, USA

    Also a new D5100 owner (bought the kit with the 18-55mm & 55-300mm lens). My wife has the little point and shoots, but I have drooled over the DSLR's for quite awhile (the Nikon in particular) before finally getting this one!

    I have an old Canon AE-1 SLR that I bought with my first income tax return in May 1980. I used it quite often until the shutter became stuck about 15 years ago and I just never got it fixed. I had worked at a Best Buy like store (Best Products) in the mid-80's and the Nikon representative was going to make me a sweet deal on an F3 when Best announced it was filing for bankruptcy and the Nikon Representative never came back.

    So here I am 25 years after missing my chance at a Nikon F3 with the coolest camera that I have ever owned! I am making it my goal to learn one new feature a day and focus on playing with that new feature until I understand it completely. I always struggled with experimentation with standard film cameras because each experiment required notes and each failure cost money! Just playing with the various settings (since this is just a hobby and not a profession) and getting the immediate feedback (in the way of a picture) takes this new photographic experience way past my previous one. I can hardly wait until our next trip to the Phoenix area to try my new toy on the Grand Canyon and Valley of the Sun sunsets!
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    Hopefully picking up my D5100 tomorrow. I'm not sure what lenses I will be getting with it yet, but I'm looking forward to learning a new hobby and getting out to have a play with it.
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    Hi to all and Junglejim.
    First let me point out that I am from the Canon camp but photography is not about equipment. I was so glad to hear junglejim's goal of learning a new feature each day. If you look at the posts on the Canon forums, you will see many saying "I've just got my first DSLR. What lenses do I need?" I often reply suggesting that they get to know their camera first and go out and take loads of pictures. Nothing teaches better or faster than experience.
    You can spend thousands of pounds, dollars or euros on equipment and still be a poor photographer. So well done to all of you for taking the attitude that you want to go out and play with your cameras. That's the way to go!
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    Hi to the Admin, Mods, and all pros and noobs alike.

    I'm a D5100 user. I just bought one after two long weeknights of reading, and searching YouTube regarding what the Nikon D3100 can do. Ultimately I ended up buying the Nikon D5100 with very limited knowledge about it, and it's amazing.
    Hopefully I can learn a lot from you guys and gals, and hopefully I can contribute what I learn (after 5 years).


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    My Nikon comes Tuesday morning. I bought a old but hardly used Panasonic Lumix DSLR to learn on; it had very basic info on it. With Photoshop Elements 10 and a great printing lab, my photos turned out great in comparison to a point and shoot. So I saved the cash for three months and purchased a great black friday bundle.

    I downloaded the manual before it got here so it isn't all foreign. I can hardly wait.

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    Just bought my Nikon D5100 a few weeks ago, and since then I have bought every book on the subject I can find. And Jim, I love your idea about a new feature every day; I want to borrow that idea and try it myself. I live in Michigan and we just got our first snowfall, so I am off to shoot some hopefully good shots!
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    Greetings from balmy Kansas City! I've had my D5100 for about eight months now and I love it. I have, but seldom use, the 18-55 kit lens and the often used 70-300mm lens. I primarily do wildlife, some landscapes and a few portraits, which I am really interested in. Seriously looking for a good portrait lens.

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    Hello from even balmier South Carolina! I use a D5100 and have the kit lens as well as a Nikon prime lens (Nikon 35mm f/1.8G AF-S DX Lens). I've been using the prime lens for indoor portraits and have been quite happy with it. However I'll admit that I haven't directly compared it to another portrait lens on this particular camera.

    Now I'm researching a wide-angle lens and tripod system for low-light and landscape shots. Right now I'm leaning towards the Tamron AF 10-24mm f/3.5-4.5 SP Di II LD Aspherical (IF) Lens for Nikon AF and the Giottos MH1000-652 Large Ball Head with Tension Control and MH652 Quick Release mounted on the Giottos MTL9371B Professional 3-Section Aluminum Tripod with Flip Leg Locks.

    Anyone have any thoughts on the wide-angle lens and tripod?
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    Greetings from the MidWest!

    I was very into art (drawing and painting), guitar, traveling, martial arts, shooting (rifles not cameras), nutrition and working out, and wrenching up pickups. Then I got hurt pretty bad and my hands and back weren't allowing me to pursue any of my previous hobbies any longer.

    I've recently decided to get back to my artsy side and try out photography. I've always enjoyed taking pictures (with my point and shoot and my phone) but hated that the quality was horrible and I couldn't take anything in less than perfect condition. I decided it was time for another hobby since I missed my old ones so much so I picked up my first DSLR.

    Nikon D5100

    Nikon 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G VR
    Nikon 55mm f/1.8G

    Tiffen 52mm UV Protector and Polarizing Filters, Crumpler 5 Million Dollar Bag, Crumpler Industry Disgrace Strap and a cleaning kit.

    Looking forward to exploring this art form and finding new angles of appreciation. I particularly love nature, animals, architecture, and interesting people and beginning a long venture of aiming for excellence.

    I'm going to get to know the camera and learn how to take the pictures my own then I'll worry about swapping the kit lens for something a bit better I suppose.

    Thanks for the welcoming forum and shared knowledge and experience.

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    I'm in Arkansas. I got my first camera (point & shoot) when I was 12 years old and I was hooked! I've been snapping away ever since. I just recently sold my Nikon D60 and bought a D5100. I prefer senic/landscape photography and have just recently ventured into protraits, etc. I did one wedding and the photos were great, but I said never again.
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