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Bag for D5100 with 55-300mm lens

edited July 2012 Posted in » Nikon D5100 Forum
Hello all,

I have recently acquired a new D5100 for a holiday in Botswana in August. I've got the 18-55mm kit lens and also invested in a 55-300mm lens for some longer distance wildlife shots.

From past experience in game reserves, I imagine I'll spend a great deal of time with the longer lens attached to the body, rather than the kit lens. I also don't want to be changing/removing lenses too often while in the field, as I don't want dust and other bits to get in the lens or the housing.

So, I'm looking for a bag that will hold the D5100 with the 55-300mm lens attached, with room for the kit lens and other small bits and bobs if I need them. Ideally, I'd like an easy-access bag, as there may not be space in the truck/boat/chopper to open up a full rucksack to get the camera and accessories. For example, I liked the look of the Lowepro 202, but could not tell if it would be suitable.

I've searched the web for answers but can't really find a suitable recommendation. I'm also fairly limited as to what is available in nearby shops (so I can't see a lot of stuff myself) and I'm loathe to buy somehting off the web without knowing it will do the job (it will have to be shipped from abroad so returns could be problematic and expensive).

Any suggestions or recommendations would be gratefully received.

Thanks in advance.



  • I have this bag and used to carry a Sony a200 with a 70-300MM lens on it it has a divider that can be altered or removed altogether you couldn't carry much more than very basics in it but if you knew what filter(s) you wanted to use and they were the screw on type you could attach 2.

  • dino, thanks very much for your response.

    As it happens, I ended up travelling this weekend for work and managed to find another, larger camera store. I didn't have my camera with me but asked the chaps in the shop to fit a 55-300 lens to their display model so I could test their bags. Ended up buying a Tamrac Evolution 6 and a LowePro Toploader (can't remember which model), both of which fit the camera and lens perfectly (although the latter doesn't have a great deal of space for extras).

    I also managed to try a LowePro Slingshot 202, which was also fine. However, though more expensive, I preferred the flexibility of the Tamrac, which apparently functions as a normal backpack or a sling, depending on one's preference.

    So, I'm now firmly in the "all the gear but no idea" camp and all that remains is actually to learn how to use the camera. :)
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