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Camera Bags

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I recently purchased the D5100 kit and don't intend to accessorize to any great degree. I do want a comfortable, practical, quick shoot camera bag. Any suggestions? For the discussion, I've been reviewing the LowePro Toploader 75 aw, the Quick Case 100 and the LowePro Slingshot 102 aw.


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    Depends on how quick you want to access the camera. Bags like the LowePro Slingshot 102 aw will allow access a bit quicker than a backpack style bag but the backpack style may allow you to carry slightly more accessories. The quick case would be something to carry the bare minimum. There are downsides to each case.

    When choosing a bag, you may if you wish, get a non branded one that is just as good for a fraction of the price.
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    Hi Dino,

    I have had the same issues with trying to find a convenient bag. I have had two back packs and found them annoying and tiresome to access the camera quickly. I wanted something small but big enough for a DSLR and one more lens. Bingo! I found one on amazon, this bag comfortably holds my D5100 and 18-55mm lens all attached and room for another lens if need be. The bag goes over your head and sits very nicely around your back about waist height. You can just slide the bag around take out the camera and away you go. The bag then can be moved to the back of your waist again. It also has lots of little pouches and zips for cards etc. Here is a link to the bag on Amazon, hope this helps. Colin.
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    I have the D5100, 18-55mm, 55-300mm, 35mm f1.8 and sb-700 flash. I bought the lowepro slingshot A102 initially and was able to fit everything OK but with barely any space left for anything else. With a big vacation trip coming up (cruise), I decided to get the next size up, A202, and it turned out great and I was able to carry all I needed with the extra space. I am definitely keeping both: the A102 for short day trips and family gatherings and the A202 for extended outings. Very happy with this arrangement.

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