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Using Canon's software for photo editing

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Ya'll, I'm still new to the DIGITAL side of photography. Starting to play with the post production of some of my shots. I have forced myself to compose the majority of my shots as if I was using film, but I want to play with the "curves" and balance.

What is layering and can it be done with the included software package? I kind of figured out how cloning works to remove something from a shot, but would love some pointers there as well.

If ya'll want we can pick a spot and go from there and break it into chunks. I bet I am not the lone ranger in this subject, LOL. Thank Ya!


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    Moose, thanks for the food for thought. I will ponder to what level I want to involve myself, lol. Although, I am and have always been the "ALL OR NOTHING" kind of person. I have read alot about Photoshop and feel at this point that might be the way for me. Again Thanks!
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    Nice thread! I have recently started using the Canon software that came with my camera . At the moment I'm just using auto edit as I have no idea how to apply a lot of other things. It takes a while to learn the software out there doesn't it? I can say I don't like too much editing of photos. I have seen some edited photos and although they are beautiful you can actually see they are not natural; you can see they are edited.
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    I briefly switched from Photoshop to Canon's software when I bought my 60D, but soon reverted back. Yes, you almost need a university degree to use all of Photoshop's functionality, but I suspect that most people who visit this site would never want to use it to the max? The tutorials make it a breeze to get the hang of the basics (such as layering).
  • MisterD where do you get the tutorials from?
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    I found this online photo editor. I think it does a pretty good job combined with the Canon software:
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    Thank you MisterD for these websites. I'm going to spend time today on the tutorials. I really want to learn more about editing.
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    @MisterD - I realized that to be able to listen to all the videos one needs to subscribe monthly for $25 per month. Do you think it's worth it? Have you watched these videos on
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    They're definitely useful and show you every step of each function in a very easy to follow way!

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    I am using the GIMP (Graphical Image Manipulation Program). It is free software and you can download it from

    The website contains several useful tutorials, and countless people have posted GIMP tutorials on YouTube as well.

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    Hi @Moose! I had questons regarding editing programs as well. I had a MAC for years that was stolen, so now between the new MAC and camera I'm feeling overwhelmed. I used iPhoto for organizing, slideshows, and burning discs for years on my older Mac. Then my kids put Elements 10 on my computer and they are teaching me how to use it. I really don't like the Canon DPP because it's very confusing even after numerous calls to Canon. I was told (probably incorrectly) that it's the only program that I have at the moment that can edit RAW photos. If you know differently please share. I'm sucking up all the memory in my new computer.
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    @mamarazziA, I have a MAC and run Lightroom and Elements 9 without any issues with RAW files.
    Aperture is the Apple version of Lightroom and will also handle RAW, but I dont know if it integrates with elements.
  • I found this photo editor which has some paid feature of pixlr in there free version, And works great with canon
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