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Showing Photos Instantly on my Laptop

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How do I show photos on my laptop right after they're taken? Ive seen it done in a fashion shoot with a Macbook and a pro camera. Is it possible with a T3i? Thanks!


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    Howdy @shumboom - Yep, it's called tethered shooting (or remote shooting). Just install the included EOS utility or download from Canon's support site.

    Once it's installed, connect your T3i to your laptop and fire up the EOS utility. You'll see an option for 'Camera settings/Remote Shooting'. Select that option and then follow the onscreen instructions for capturing images remotely. After each shot, you should see a fullscreen preview of the image. Hope that helps and happy shooting! :)
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    Fantastic! Works perfectly!
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    If you want to get fancy, buy the Eye-Fi pro card. You can get one at any camera store or online. It's an SD card that has wireless capabilities and a GPS.

    You install it on your computer to pair it with your camera. Set your computer to ad-hoc network, put the 8GB card in your camera and shoot. It transmits each photo wirelessly to your laptop in seconds. Works if you keep both devices within 40 feet.

    I shot about 100 portraits of my church congregation with it and it worked great.
  • @mbshutter - Thanks for sharing! The Eye-Fi card is in fact a great solution for transmitting images wirelessly. I've actually paired my Eye-Fi card to an iPad, which works like a giant monitor. I can easily check focus and exposure without having to use the zoom playback function on my camera. One of these days I'll get around to writing up a tutorial. Happy shooting! :)
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    With eye-fi cards you'll need the PRO card if you want to send RAW images.
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    I'm assuming the images remain on the memory card as well as transferring to the computer/laptop if using eye-fi and/or the T3i tethering?

    I love the sound of this feature as I think it will really help me build my technical skills.
  • @cherrypic - Yes, the images remain on the memory card until to format or delete them in-camera. :)
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    Hey Moose and CherryPic - I wanted to give you a head's up about one thing.

    I tested this functionality out (with a physical cable, not wireless), just to see how it works. Sure enough, works like a charm.

    But I found that the files were only saved on the computer and not to the camera's card at all. I'm shooting raw+jpg, so I end up with a jpg and a CR2 on my desktop, but nothing in the camera.

    I don't know if there's any sort of internal camera settings to determine or change this, but that's what I discovered in my own testing.
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    You were doing a direct transfer by cable so you would be instantaneously writing to your laptop. You get the same effect using the EOS utility software. However, when using Wi-Fi or Eye-fi, the data has to be written to the card before it can be transmitted.
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    Seriously thinking about purchasing the Rebel T3i, just getting some info about it.
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    OK, I get it, and it sounds great.
    What is the cable I use to tether between a Canon 7D and a Macbook Air (2015) 13.3 inch?
    This is a terrific site.
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