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Settings and tips for a wedding in April

edited February 2012 Posted in » Nikon D5100 Forum
Looking to shoot a wedding with a kit lens. I may end up purchasing a zoom along with a fixed 50mm or 35mm, but not sure. What setting should I put my camera on? It's going to be a low key wedding. They just wants nice snapshots... thank goodness.


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  • Thanks so much, I actually do have a SB - 800. I do have trouble with it, trying to learn how to bounce, when to bounce and where it needs to bounce to have the best result.
    How do you enable the center focus. I do have issues with that already, just around the house, two or three people or children, only one is in focus! Really a problem....
    thank u soooo much for your help. Look foward to further ! (o:
  • I don't know how you have time to answer all these questions but we really appreciate your help! thanks
  • @onoblvd - Thanks for the kinds words :)
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    WOW! These answers have really helped!
  • @Caesar - Glad to hear it! :)
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    Hello Moose! Great tips you've got here. I would like to clarify, can you select Auto in ISO while using Aperture priority mode? I tried to do it on my D5100 but there's no option for Auto, only 100 and up. Thanks in advance for your clarification.
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    Also waiting on a response to @tristaned.
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    I'm sure you must be able to select auto ISO while shooting in aperture mode. I've got a D3100 and ran into the same issue. If I hit the info button to go into the quick edit screen and scroll to ISO there is no option for Auto. To enable auto ISO, I have to hit the menu button and scroll to the shooting menu. There's an ISO sub menu there which allows me to enable Auto ISO as well as the maximum ISO to which I want to let it increase. I've got to imagine that the D5100 is set up similarly.
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    @tristaned I'm also wondering how to select auto ISO while shooting in aperture mode. I tried what @rhino suggested but it wouldn't let me select auto. I'm a complete newbie to DSLR's, I've only used point and shoots before. There is so much to learn and I have found so many great tips on this forum so far.
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    I just got my hands on a D5100 to check on the Auto ISO issues. To enable auto ISO, first make sure you select an exposure mode (P,A,S, or M, not Auto mode) then hit menu. Scroll to the shooting menu, select ISO sensitivity, then enable Auto ISO as well as select maximum ISO and minimum shutter speed.
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