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Settings for a wedding in April, late in the day

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    Same situation for me as well, I'm using my D5100 but renting a 17-55mm f/2.8.
    I was going for the 24-70mm but because of the sensor, I felt I would be better served working with the 17-55mm.
    It is also at 6pm, March 22nd, and I'm praying for warm/no rain weather. In Alabama, you never know, you could have snow (I'll take bread, haha kidding).
    It is a small venue outside and the reception is under a white tent.

    The thing I am concerned about the most is the 17-55mm will be pretty much my only lens.
    When it comes to taking pictures at the alter, I don't think I will be any further than 35 to 50 feet away and that's where I am concerned.
    I don't want to become a spectacle and move around too much, but I don't want to miss anything either.
    For the service, while standing in the back, I was going to start with f/8, shutter 125 and ISO 400 (all depending of course) with a Demb "flip it" on my SB 800.
    That's where I get a little uneasy. Portraits, rings and food really don't worry me, it's the groups that worry me. I'm always concerned about individuals out of focus and I'm afraid with the 17-55mm the groups of the wedding party and families will have that problem.
    With the aperture at f/8 or f/11, do you think that would be ok?
    Thanks for your help.
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