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Cheat sheets question

I am going to purchase the cheat sheets for my Nikon D5200 camera. If I wanted to download the cheat sheets onto an iPhone 6s, will I also be able to download them onto my iPad?


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    Thank you so much. Glad to have found this site.

    I am photographing stationery and gift wrap items. My longtime trusted Oly sort of bit the dust and I ended up with a D7200. I'm not having fun with it, it may be too experienced of a camera for my purpose now. Objects are blurry in many photos, which was never an issue with the Oly. Other photos are just right, is hit or miss. I'm using the kit lens 18-55mm. Had a tripod, thinking to stabilize more with a shutter release. There is also the MC-DC3 option instead of the ML-L3.
    Which do you find is more appropriate for a relative novice?
    I'll probably get the cheat sheets for the D7200. Still on the fence about sticking with the D7200, maybe there is a camera more suited to my level of experience!
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    The D7200 has one of the best AF systems ever, so I'm guessing you need to figure out your AF mode. If you are photographing stationary items (stationery being one), I'd make sure you have set your AF to single point, single servo. Make sure you have the focus point on the area you want (it can be moved around with the back multi-directional control).

    I'd stick with the ML-L3 for remote unless you need to vary exposure remotely as well as stabilizing. It will do just fine. In the absence of a remote, don't forget you can also use the self timer. The D7200 also has a mirror up setting that raises the mirror and waits a moment before exposure, and that can eliminate mirror bounce when things are really critical.

    I would stick with the D7200. It's a lot of camera, but it will do what you need, I think, and once you get the hang of the more basic operations, you don't have to dig so deep into its capabilities. When you do need to dig, though, they'll be there.
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    Love the cheat sheets. Is there any available for the 550D for nighttime settings?
  • Hey @HelenaR - Yes, however, it depends on the lens and scenario. If you're taking pictures of a city at night, you can use the "Landscape" cheat card for any of the lenses available as long as you use a tripod. If you're trying to take portraits in low light, then you need the right lens. The set for the 50mm f/1.8 for instance, has scenarios for low light thanks to it's bright f/1.8 aperture. :)
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    Thanks for that info. I have the 50mm lens for the Canon 550D and was trying to capture fairy lights and an illuminated subject at night. Couldn't get any of the cheat sheet settings I bought for the 18-55mm lens to work. I will purchase the 50mm cards now. Is there a specific night setting option in any of the cheat sheets for other similar portrait shots?
  • Hey @HelenaR - If you can, email me (support "at" some examples of what you're trying to capture. That will give me a better idea as to the settings you should use. All the best!
  • I have a Canon EOS 10D. Which cheat cards should I purchase?
  • Hi @anne35 - I don't currently have a compatible set for the Canon EOS 10D, but I am keeping track of the number of requests I've received. If there's enough demand, I'll definitely create a set of cheat cards for it. All the best!
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    Hello Moose, I recently acquired a Nikon D7000 to be able to do more than my D90. You list your cheat sheets for the D7100, but none for the D7000 (older model, I know). After seeing a lot of neat upgrades, pros versus cons for each on the net, I am seeking an answer to this question; will your D7100 cards accurately cover my D7000?
    If this is a duplicate question, my apologies. Hopefully I will see a response in my email box. Thanks for your time.
  • Hi @airwolff1, I have an old D7000 on order and plan to put it through it's paces real soon. My hope is to get a set released sometime this year (2017). All the best!
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    I have the Nikon D750. Do you have cheat sheets for that, or can settings from any of your current cheat sheets be used?
  • @mjw, I think that the D750 probably would not be compatible with the other Nikon cheat sheets because it is a full frame format, which carries with it some pretty big differences. The lenses will be different, and the field of view at different focal lengths, as well as the depth of field for different views, will differ. In addition the high ISO capability of the D750 is very good, and likely to be considerably better than that of most DX format cameras.

    The controls, I think, resemble those of the D7100 and D7200, and the core principles of photography will be the same, but specific settings will not. There are some good resources on the web for principles and practices, including here, but I think to get the most out of the particular model, you'd do better to find a guide specific to it.

    That's just my opinion and others may differ.

    By the way, although I've not used one myself, I've heard many people say that they think the D750 is one of the best cameras ever. Enjoy.
  • Hi @MJW, I'm actually working on a set for the D750. I just sent you an email with details on when I plan on releasing them.
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