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  • 60D cheat cards
    Hey @sheets63 - Yes, the set for the 24mm f/2.8 will work since they share the same maximum aperture (f/2.8). You can check it out here:
  • LCD display problem
    Can you see anything at all in a very dark place?
    It seems unlikely that it could just be a setting issue. I know on the Nikon you cannot dim the brightness all the way to black, but on the off chance you can on this one, you might be able to do it by feel. The instructions for the T5i indicate that the menu entry is on settings page #2, one down from the top. So to get there, you would enter the menus, and then go 7 steps to the right, and one down. At this point you should be in the monitor brightness menu. Push the [set] button, use the right arrow to brighten, and push the [set] button again to set it.
    (disclaimer: this is a guess. I do not have a Canon on which to try it!)
    I somehow suspect this is not the problem, because I doubt the display would go that dark, but it might be worth a shot. This comes, by the way, from page 205 of the PDF manual on line.
  • Setting for general photos
    My first time here. I have settings screwed up apparently on my boss's camera. I'm on fully auto (green box A), AF on, stabilizer on, and I was able to take pictures. Don't know what I did, but now a dot blinks by a number 9 and it won't shoot. Problem #2: on the display, photos are blurry if I zoom, no matter the distance. The camera did get jarred with a soccer ball direct hit to the zoomed lens.
  • Back button focus
    @Karjon - Welcome to the forum! So, here's my attempt at explaining the Shutter/AE lock options with the SL1...
    1) AE lock/AF - Normally when you half press the shutter, the camera will lock the exposure and focus. With this option enabled, you can separate the exposure from the focus. So for example, lets say you want the sky to be properly exposed, but want to focus on some flowers in front of you. You would point the camera towards the sky, half press the shutter button to lock the exposure. Then you would aim the camera towards the flowers and press the * button to focus.
    2) AF/AF lock, no AE lock - With this option enabled you can pause continuous focus. So for example, let's say you had AI Servo (continuous focus) enabled and you're shooting along the sideline of a soccer game. If some people walk in front of you, the continuous focus would focus on them since they are the closest subject. To prevent that from happening, you could press the * button and it would momentarily pause the continuous auto focus.
    3) AE/AF, no AE lock - This is very similar to #2, except instead of pausing continuous focus momentarily, it actually stops it completely.
    Hopefully that all makes sense. Happy shooting!
  • Crop sensor
    Is the D3100 a crop sensor? I think it is but how crop it is?
    Question #2
    Someone suggested a Nikon 24-70mm for a full frame. He mentioned a cropped sensor would probably be a Sigma 17-50mm f/2.8?
    Question #3
    Would it be correct to buy a 70-200mm Nikon on a D3100 or there is an equivalent for cropped sensor?
  • Circular Polarizer and 300mm Zoom for Outdoor Action Shots
    I was able to set the shutter speed (#2 above), but am still puzzled on setting the ISO to Auto. When going to menu, then ISO sensitivity, I see Auto, but it is not one of the highlighted choices. I see choices ranging anywhere from 100 all the way to Hi 2. In other words, I can't select Auto as you advised.
    Note that I am in S-priority. The other settings in this Menu > ISO sensitivity settings are as follows:
    - Auto ISO sensitivity control: ON
    - Maximum Sensitivity: 6400 (why this number, I have no idea)
    - Minimum Shutter Speed: 1/30 (not sure why it's set at this number as well)
    Your help and other member's help is much appreciated.
    Thanks in advance and I look forward to finally figuring this out.
  • Tripod Dilema
    Hi everyone
    I'm now having a tripod dilema. I want a sturdy tripod that will last me a while, but one of the main things I'm looking for is the action of moving the center pole not just up an down but also the ability lock it through 180 degrees. These are the tripods I've been procrastinating over:
    1) Manfrotto 055XPROB - I think with this one I can only use the center pole in an upright or 90 degree posion (please correct me if I'm wrong.
    2) Giottos MTL9361B - I believe I can lock the center pole at any point.
    3) Benro A-297EX - As far as I can find from reading is similar to #2.
    Moose or anybody else if you have any ideas or input on a tripod thet will let me use the center pole locked in any angle please let me know (also not one that will break the bank). Until reading tonight I was leaning toward the manfrotto, but now I'm really not sure. Thanks guys and girls for reading and I hope to hear soon.