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Changing NEF files to jpeg

edited May 2017 Posted in » Nikon D3200 Forum
I am a rookie at best, with a Nikon D3200 given to me as a gift. While working on my pictures, I noticed that I could not upload some of the photos to a local store website to order prints, because some are on NEF file and others JPEG. I have no Idea how this happened or how to undo it. Camera was on "P" mode. I was just adjusting exposure as needed.


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    There is a menu setting for file type, and somehow that must have gotten set. It's possible that your camera is set up to save files simultaneously in both formats.

    Turn on the camera and use the [i] button. At the top of the right hand you'll see the entry for "QUAL". Your current setting will be shown there. Use the back control to arrow up to that, and highlight it and push the [OK] button to change settings. If you find that it is already set to "Raw + Fine" then each picture will be duplicated in both Raw and JPG form.

    Raw files give you some extra options for editing, and many editors will convert to JPG when the edit is done. But if you are just transferring directly from the camera, you can set to JPG. Unless you have good reason for lowering quality and file size, stick to the largest fine JPG offered. In the D3200, if you save both formats at once, the only JPG format offered is fine and large, but if you switch to a JPG only mode, the size menu will be enabled too, and you can choose between three sizes. Keep it large unless you have a good reason to make the files smaller. The JPG compression should also stay fine unless you have some real reason to change it. Each level of compression adds unpleasant artifacts to the image, which will show up if it's cropped or printed large.

    If you find that some of the Raw files on the camera are not duplicated, you can go into the replay mode, and save them as JPG files in the camera. When you do this, you can also do various editing chores, and the newly edited files will be saved anew, without overwriting the raw originals.

    You do that in the "retouch" menu. Go to Raw processing. If you have no further editing to do, arrow up to "EXE" and hit the [OK] button. The file will be re-saved as a JPG with whatever edits you made. If you choose to edit the same Raw file later, you can save another edit, and it will not overwrite the previous ones. You can try dozens of edits of a Raw file, and save them all!
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