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External Flash

edited July 2016 Posted in » Nikon D3200 Forum

Which is the best external flash for my Nikon D3200?
Please advice.



  • One with a slave built in might help, but depends on your requirements. Bruto will give you the detailed version.
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    Actually, I have little experience with modern flashes that work well with TTL on the D3200. There are a couple of fairly nice looking economy models these days coming from China, but I don't know how well they hold up over the long term.

    I use flash fairly infrequently. Most of the time when I do, I'm using fully manual lenses, so TTL is not available anyway, and I use manual or old style auto flashes that have their own metering. Auto flashes work very well in their own way, but TTL has the advantage of getting a more even overall exposure often. An old flash picture will often stand out by having a well exposed subject and a black background. It's hard to get fill.

    I would, however, second the slave suggestion. The D3200 does not have a wireless commander mode, and can only trigger a slave either with light from its built in flash, or with a wireless accessory. But remote operation makes a flash very versatile for getting the light in the right place.

    I think an earlier thread in the D3200 forum included another person's experience with a Chinese made flash that claims to be compatible with the D3200 and just about everything else, which certainly seemed to have a lot of features. He found it on Amazon, I think. I'll try to retrieve the thread later and see if I can remember the brand. It looked like a lot for the price.

    edit to add: the poster in question was @RandyA, in a thread about shooting dancers, and the flash he linked to was an Altura. This is a brand I know nothing of, but the thing looked pretty nice and the price was low. Perhaps he can chime in here and let us know a bit more about how the flash is performing.
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    Hi, I just purchased the Yongnuo YN568EX speed light that Moose suggested to use with my Nikon D3200. The problem is, I don't understand manuals and cannot find a good video on Youtube to talk me through how to set it up for various uses with my camera. The main question I have right now is can you set it up to work with shutter speeds over 1/200, and where in the Nikon menu do I set it up to do so? I understand that the speed light needs to be on TTL mode, but that the camera has to be put into FP flash mode - is that correct? At this time, I am only using the flash on camera, but would like to use higher shutter speeds. Thanks!
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    Set to TTL and all should be good.
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    Hi, I recently purchased a Sigma EF 610 DG ST flash for my D3200. Despite many great reviews on the product, I can't seem to get mine to work. When I place the flash in the hot shoe, the camera does not seem to recognize it, and opens the built in flash instead. I am shooting in M mode, so it isn't that Auto is interfering or anything. Has anyone else had a similar problem? Thanks.
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    Double check what mode you're in. The flash should not pop up in P, S, A or M mode unless it's activated.
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    100% in M mode. I have read about possible misalignment problems between the contacts at the bottom of the flash and on the shoe. Maybe this is my problem. The camera just doesn't seem to acknowledge any presence of an external flash device.
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    I have a Sigma EF-610 DG ST Flashgun.
    Check that your flash mount gun is for a Nikon and not a Canon. I was handed a Canon version in the shop that I bought it from, and fortunately I noticed.

    Try new batteries. Sorry to state the obvious, but 1 cell dead is enough for failure.
    Also make sure the flash is facing forward for testing, the zoom size should move with the flashgun.
  • Sigma EF-610 DG ST analogue display
    Sigma EF-610 DG ST Super digital display, this version has issues.
  • It sounds as if there's a problem with the flash. If you can possibly find or borrow a purely manual, or manual and Auto (not ttl, but the kind that has its own sensor) flash, and try running that in manual, you should know soon enough where the fault lies. I use an older flash on the D3200, and it works fine.
  • I recently bought a pretty good entry level flash Simpex 522. You can give that a try. More tips are also here
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