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blue tinge to photos

edited March 2016 Posted in » Nikon D5200 Forum
I have not used the cheat cards for a few months, so today I decided to use the landscape/architecture card.
I set it up as per the instructions, without a tripod, it was just after lunch, and also bright. The images were quite blue, although I could get them brighter. I tried a couple of hours later with the same results (I also took some when I got home with the same results), and by this time the sun was getting low in the sky. I swung round and took a photo of the garden shed which came out really well.
Do you think it was because the sun was getting lower in the sky that the last images were much improved?


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    Yes, as the sun gets lower it tends to be a bit yellower. Nikon's default for auto white balance tends to be pretty cool in direct sunlight. If you shoot Raw, you can fine tune the white balance later. If not, you might consider using one of the non-auto WB settings, or setting up a custom one of your own. The Cloudy and Overcast WB settings will be much warmer than the Auto, and the Sunlight one might be a little warmer in some situations. When you change white balance, it also changes color balance, and you need to experiment a bit, but a warmer color temperature will often give some colors a bit of extra "pop" too.
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    Okay, thanks for that, I will try a bit more experimenting.
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    If you use a Sigma lens, they can be on the blue side compared to Nikon.
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    Interesting. I have not tried a Sigma lens. The 18-55mm kit lens runs pretty cool compared to some others. My old 35mm prime is better balanced.
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