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Zoom lens

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Hi, I want to buy your cheat cards, but I'm a bit confused. I have a Nikon zoom 70-300mm f/4.5-5.6g. Can I use your cards you have for other lenses? This is a heavy lens and do I need to use tripod for most shots because of vibration.


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    I will leave the cheat card issue for Moose, but as for the need for a tripod, this will depend on the focal length and the shutter speed, and whether this is the VR version of the lens.

    There is an old rule of thumb for FX format that for hand holding the shutter speed should be approximately the reciprocal of the focal length, so for example, you'd want 1/300 or more for a 300mm lens. In DX format, that rule becomes the reciprocal of the cropped focal length, so for 300mm you would want about 1/450. Clearly, this makes hand holding at full length a difficult thing except in broad daylight, and a tripod is pretty much required. At lower focal lengths, with the ability to get a fairly high ISO, you can get within the required shutter speed more easily. If you have VR, you can go up to three stops slower. So, for example, if a safe shutter speed at 300mm would be 1/500, you could get down around 1/60, which is clearly doable.

    I've used the older D version of this lens, without VR, on a film camera, and it's hand holdable under normal daylight conditions when you need it to be, but whenever you can use a tripod, you'll be better off using it.
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    Hi, I have a Nikon D5300,and I am interested in purchasing one of your cheat sheets also. I have been using a 16-300mm lens. Would I be ok with the 70-200mm cheat sheet?
  • Hey @MM125 - I'm actually finishing up a set for the Tamron 16-300mm lens. If you'd like I can add you to the waiting list and let you know once it's available. All the best!
  • Oh yes! Thanks so much, that sounds terrific!!! Looking forward to it, and have been enjoying your site.
  • Hi Moose. Would that Tamron set you're working on apply to the Tamron 18-200mm lens? I just bought one and downloaded your cheat cards for 18-200mm Nikon, hope I did not jump the gun.
  • Hi Jay @Jkrdesigns - The Nikon 18-200mm set should work fine with your Tamron 18-200mm. I went ahead and sent you a complimentary set for the "Tamron/Sigma All-in-One" set just in case the other is a bit off. All the best!
  • Great! Thanks Moose your tips are a big help.
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