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Wasabi batteries

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What are your opinions on Wasabi batteries versus Canon batteries?


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    Hi @JAYRO48,
    I have never heard of these batteries in England. Let me ask you this - if you had a Lamborgini and the engine blew up, would you try to save money by putting a 1.6L Ford engine in it?
    The battery is the engine of your camera. Genuine Canon batteries are not the cheapest, but in my opinion are the best. I have friends who have used cheaper third party batteries and although they have not reported any damaging effects, they have mentioned the need to charge them more frequently with a huge drop in possible shots.
    My opinion only, and at the end of the day, the choice is yours.
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    I have used the Wasabi batteries in my GoPro with no issues at all. I also bought 2 Wasabi batteries for my D3300 and I do believe I have one in the camera right now with no issues.
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