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Pictures blurry through viewfinder

edited December 2015 Posted in » Nikon D5200 Forum
My pictures are blurry when I look through the viewfinder, but they turn out fine. Any advice on how to troubleshoot?


  • edited December 2015
    There's a diopter adjustment for the viewfinder, a little dial with [+/-] on the right side. Try adjusting that until you get a clearly focused view of the AF grid and the LCD data on the bottom of the screen. If you're very far sighted, you may run out of + room, but it will help. The DK-21M magnifying eyepiece adds positive diopter and magnifies a little at the cost of reduced eyepoint (meaning you must put your eye very tight to the finder to get the whole view in).

    If it's very bad and diopter won't help, it's possible your mirror or focusing screen got damaged. Neither is used for the image, so your pictures will be fine, but you may need real service for that.
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