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I took photos in the setting RAW+N and while importing it on the computer it said not enough icloud space. I took out the SD card and reinsert it again. The photos taken on RAW+N got erased in the SD card too, but all the photos in the normal setting were there. Any idea where should I look on my computer for those photos taken on setting RAW+N?


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    If there are any raw images left anywhere, they will be saved in the form "file number.NEF." Double check the SD card by simply reading it as a drive in the computer if possible, and see what is on it. Saving in "Raw + N" should make two copies of every picture, one in "NEF" format and one in "JPG." Not all image programs will recognize NEF files, but if they're there they should show as files in Windows Explorer or other file managers.

    I am unfamiliar with icloud space, but it sounds as if you're trying to send your files to an internet space rather than the computer itself. If that's the case, then I don't know where they would have ended up. If you're sending the files to an image sharing program it probably does not accept raw files at all.

    If you think the files ended up on your computer somewhere, your best bet is probably to do a search in Windows explorer (assuming Windows - I don't know what the search criteria are in Apple). Make sure that you start on the whole drive, as the Windows search defaults to whatever folder you're in. In the search criteria put [*.nef ] and it should do a wild card search for all files that have the correct extension.
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