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Auto Lighting Optimizer

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I've been trying to enable the Auto Lighting Optimizer on my 60D, but nothing I press seems to alter the setting. It's stuck on 'OFF'. Could anyone advise me as to the reason for this. Thanks so much.


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    No Canon here, but are you shooting files in Raw form? It sounds as if it's only applied to JPG files. The post processing software will apply it when converting a Raw file to JPG.
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    Thank you for your reply. Presently I shoot only in JPG so will investigate further. Thanks again.
  • I can't try it myself since I have no Canon, but here's a page that shows more or less what's involved:

    Make sure that after you've made your selection, you hit the OK button to establish it before exiting the menu.
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    The Auto Lighting Optimizer is enabled by default and operates in standard in the basic (auto) modes and other settings can be chosen in the menu system while in the creative zone modes - PASM etc.
    However, if you also have enabled 'highlight tone priority' then ALO will be disabled.
    Personally, I find ALO a bit gimmicky and can achieve better results with a little post processing. Also, if you forget that you have set it and you start using exposure compensation, you will wonder why your pictures are coming out extra bright/dark. I always leave ALO disabled. Another feature which I always leave set is 'peripheral illumination correct' - a much more useful function.
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    Thank you Bruto and PBKED. Both replies were very helpful. Over and out. :-)
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