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How to turn on or off the VR lens?

edited April 2015 Posted in » Nikon D3200 Forum
I'm completely new to all this. I purchased the cheat sheet for the Nikon D3200 and on all of the notes it states "turn on VR" or "turn off VR". I can't seem to find the option where I can do that. Can you please help?


  • If the lens has VR to start with, there will be a switch on the lens itself. The standard kit 18-55 lens that comes with the D3200 has two switches on it, one for VR on and off, and one for Focus, Auto or Manual.
  • the lens that comes with my camera doesn't have that. It only has the A/M switch. So I guess I should avoid that note right?
    Thanks for the reply.
  • Yes, you have no VR. The lens would say "VR" in gold on it as well. So just skip that note.
  • Thank you!
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