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Issues Shooting Indoor Sports Without Flash

edited January 2013 Posted in » Nikon D5100 Forum
Second basketball game I've been to and with a $500 camera and $250 lens am unable to take any pictures worth keeping. They are either too blurry or the color is way off; my cell takes better pictures.
I was told to get a better lens so I did. The light is better with my new 55-200mm, but the problem I'm having is the pictures are too blurry.

If no one is moving they come out ok, but not great. Even in sports mode they come out blurry. I took over 344 pictures with diffrent settings trying to see what works. I even took some with settings that people suggested on this site.

The basketball games are indoors and I can't use a flash.

On Auto without the flash all pictures were dark and no good.

A mode settings I used: WB auto, ISO 6400 (played with it up/down), Q for Quite, AF-A, ADL-H, BKT off, picture control VI, flash off, f/5.6 -+.

Out of the 344 pictures these were the best:


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    Trust me, it's not the camera. Try using shutter priority by selecting a shutter speed adequate to freeze motion in the light conditions you're experiencing. Personally, I shoot manual and I select an aperture setting that'll allow me to use a 1/200 or faster shutter speed to freeze most action. If the lighting doesn't allow that fast of a shutter speed, then I'll dial up the ISO until I obtain my desired shutter speed.

    If you're shooting indoors and you don't like the color, adjust your white balance settings for the type of lighting present (fluorescent, tungsten, etc.).

    Hope this helps.
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    Thanks for the info, I'm going to try that.
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