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ISO in Auto Versus Manual

edited January 2013 Posted in » Nikon D5100 Forum
I am very new to DSLR and the D5100 is my first. I was playing around with the settings between manual mode and auto mode and noticed that for a setting of f/5 1/60 in auto, the ISO was set at 900, but when I tried to replicate the settings in manual I wasn't able to set the ISO to 900, only 800 or 1000. Am I missing something?
Thanks for any light you can shed (no pun intended!)


  • Howdy @Mpalusak - Nope, you're not missing anything. :)

    When in AUTO mode, the D5100 has the ability to select certain ISO values that aren't available to you when selecting ISO manually. My guess is that they didn't want to clutter up the menu system with a bunch of ISO values.

    In your case, I would just round down whenever possible. Happy shooting! :)
  • edited January 2013
    Great, thanks Moose. One more question though. I tried each of the higher and lower ISO values but was not able to come up with the same image; either it was a shade too dark or a shade too light. What other setting (shutter speed?) can I adjust to get even closer to the image that is created in auto?

    Thanks again for your help. You make being a noobie much easier to deal with!
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