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Photo editing software

edited July 2012 Posted in » Canon T2i Forum
Please help. I am looking into photo editing software. I want something that is user friendly, because I am a complete newbie. And if it didn't cost a fortune that would be great too! What would you suggest?
Thank you so much,


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    Hey, Kim.
    Sorry I'm not Moose. I'm assuming Photoshop is out of the question. It's too tricky and expensive. I myself use Photoscape. It's free for download, which might put you off, but it's not that bad. I edit my photos on it. It's not nearly as good as photoshop, but I spent a long time searching for good software and this is the best one I've found.
    I suggest giving it a try, if you like.
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    Thanks Natalie!
    I will try that. I tried to download Lightroom 4.1, but I have xp on my computer and that is not compatable. So I am up for anything at this point and free is always my favorite price!
    Thanks again,
  • Glad I could be of some use. How's it working out? And sorry for such a late reply.
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    For most newbies, Photoshop Elements PSE-8 or PSE-10 will do most anything you'll need until you outgrow it.
    I think I bought a copy of PSE-8 for under $25. For that money it's a great program.
  • I like using Picasa 3 for editing my pictures. It is user friendly and the best part is that it is free. Enjoy!
  • I had trouble at first downloading LR 4.1 trial. After several tries I found out I needed to use firefox as the browser.
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    Faststone Image Viewer and GIMP is great for .jpg .tif.

    Rawtherapee is excellent for RAW conversion.
  • I use (Graphic Image Manipulation Program). It's totally free, and very powerful. Not as powerful as Photoshop, but great nonetheless. I use it to scale, crop, adjust sharpness, brightness, contrast, color saturation, etc.

    The website is, and it has great tutorials.
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    Hi, you can get a very easy program to use with great results called Photomatix Pro. You can download a free copy to try out, and it has a watermark on the final result. I use this program all the time. Check it out, you've got nothing to loose. Go to youtube and watch the tutorials and also ask on this forum. I also use Lightroom 4, which is also a great program.
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