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Photo Editing

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Can anyone suggest a good solid 'freeware' photo editing software to use? I'm fairly new and can't afford the cost of photoshop and want something that's fairly easy to use,the easier the better. Looking to do cropping, sharpening, toning (basic stuff).


  • I recommend Picasa, free from Google.
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    Picasa is very good, but easy does it. It's easy to go OTT with so many toys to play with.
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    Photo Pos Pro is fine . Probably has too much stuff on it. As Mikee said sometimes less is more but for freeware it's really good having all the basics and more.
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    If you are an Apple user you could try Pixlmator. It's a very inexpensive alternative.
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    I'm a long time GIMP user and now I use both Gimp and Photoshop CS5.1.
    My wife and friends find those advanced Professional programs to be intimidating. I was hoping to find a program that I could recommend for them so they can do simple edits (especially file reduction for attaching to emails or uploading. At the same time, I want a good viewer instead of Windows Image Viewer or Picasa).
    Well, seeing the above link, I downloaded, tried and very, very impressed with it. There will be probably be something that will erk me, but I just was looking for a good viewer for me that handles RAW, and a simple program that my friends can manage to resize, crop and prepare for uploading. I'm sick of them sending me 8MB images on my limited internet bandwidth.
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    Don't forget that DPP (Digital Photo Professional) that came with the camera has some good RAW editing.

    RAWTherapy is also worth a look though it's quite sophisticated. I use Gimp for special effects edits. I've also purchased Photoshop Touch for Android. PS Touch does not have the fine control of PS but runs on an Android tablet and is not bad for the price.
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    Try ipiccy.
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    I agree with Vinylspider. The software that comes with the camera should do you until you want or need something more complex. As for something more complex I personally don't think you need to spend 100's on software like photoshop when photoshop elements is just as good and will cost you less than £100.
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