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What Is A Good Beginner Tripod?

edited October 2012 Posted in » Canon T3i Forum
I am starting to learn more about my T3i and have some great photo ideas in mind, but I need a tripod to take them. The ideas I have are portrait or action shots. What is a recommended tripod that isn't too expensive but sturdy enough to hold the camera? I have the lens that it came with and a 55-155mm lens (I think, I haven't looked at it in a really long time).


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    @photogal - First things first, look at the poor thing. It is most likely scared and all alone in the bag crammed in the closet. :)

    To the point of your post, you would need a tripod for portrait shoots, but for sports it is almost useless because you would be lugging it around. I would recommend getting a monopod for your action work:

    Hope this helped, and good shooting.
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    I just purchased a Manfrotto compact for my T3i. Tripod cost me 79 dollars on sale and it's a great tripod for the price. I also use my spotting scope on it and it is very stable.
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    Thanks for sharing @leonard!
  • No problem, my pleasure.
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