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Memory Card Error

edited July 2012 Posted in » Canon T2i Forum
Hello. I bought my Canon Rebel T2i a month ago. Today was the first time I tried uploading my photos to my computer using the EOS Utility software. When I plugged my camera into the computer, my memory card would not read. I also received an error on my camera's screen that said "card cannot be accessed". Please reinsert/change card or format card with camera. I tried reinserting several times, but if I reformat the card, I'll lose all my photos. What do I do? Thanks.


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    Hi @MegD19 - Do you have a card reader? If so try using that. If you know how to use Windows explorer, you can check the card to see if the files are there.

    If the files are corrupted, there is a free utility called 'Recuva' that you can use to try to get your pictures back. If you are successful in uploading your pictures to your computer, reformat the card in the camera using a 'low level' format (the manual tells you how).

    If you still have no luck, you will have no choice but to buy a new reliable card from a recognized manufacturer. I feel for you. Many of us have had this experience and it is always bad to lose your pictures, but let's hope you are lucky this time and can use some of my suggestions.

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    Hi @PBked - thank you for your response! I don't have an external card reader. When you ask if I know how to use Windows explorer, how exactly do you mean?

    I will certainly try the recovery utility you suggest. I'm probably going to buy a new card regardless. I have a vacation coming up, and would hate to lose any photos from that!

    My fingers are crossed that I can recover the pics. Thanks again!
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    Hi @MegD19 - I always use a card reader. It is quicker and more reliable than the camera to PC connection. There are many good ones on the market such as Belkin for around $10 or less.

    In Windows explorer, your card should show as an additional drive in the left-hand pane (ie. D:/Sandisk). By navigating through the folders shown on the card, you can find your files and transfer them to a location of your choice.

    May I suggest, if money permits, that you buy 2 new cards, for example two 8gb rather than one 16gb. Or you could buy two 4gb instead of one 8gb.

    Flash cards are not infallible and can fail, so if you fill up one card and then use the second, it is very unlikely that both cards will fail at the same time. You may lose some pictures, but by spreading them across 2 cards, you will at least save some of them. I offer this advice as I learned it through bitter experience several years ago.

    Enjoy your vacation and happy shooting!

    Best regards,
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    I suggest you may need some data recovery tool to fix it . I had this issue before and my friends recommended that I use the tool. I used EaseUS Data RECOVERY, you should give it a try.
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    I just had this same issue and after trying new cards and reformatting and a few other solutions I came across on the internet I finally had to send it in to the Canon service center in Newport News, VA for servicing.

    Luckily it still had 3 months left on the warranty so there was no charge. Turned out it was a problem with a bad circuit board and it wasn't recognizing the sd card.
  • @MegD19 - Did you happen to get the memory card issue sorted out?
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