Shutter Speed, ISO & Aperture (f-stop) Training & Simulation

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  • vinman
    I was looking for a site to compare modes, f-stops, ISO and settings. Stumbled upon this animated site that I think we might all learn from:
  • coffeecream
    Thank you vinman, the page you posted is brilliant, simple and visual (which is more helpful to me than numbers and fractions). I've read F.stops, S.S and ISO info 100 times but using that slider and getting instant results just make it far more understandable, so thanks.
  • tommy
    Thanks from me too, vinman. That is one of the best (and simplest) explanations I have ever seen for getting my head around manual shooting.
  • bez27
    Thanks for sharing this vinman, really is a big help.
  • mypaintedpath
    Brilliant! This is how I learn. Thank you!
  • Moose
    @vinman, @coffeecream, @tommy, @bez27, @mypaintedpath - You guys should also check out the very nice Camera Sim (see here) created by Jon Arnold. It's a fantastic learning tool. Happy shooting!
  • racheuk82
    Excellent excellent tools! I bookmarked for future reminding reference.
  • soweic
    I needed this badly since I was getting lost in the manual.

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