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Hdr and tripods

edited July 2012 Posted in » Nikon D5100 Forum
Is there any way I can get a decent HDR image without using a tripod?


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    Well, in my experience, if you plan on taking photographs, never leave home without your tripod.

    But we all have those times where it wasn't planned, couldn't spare the space/weight, or we just haven't saved up for that Manfrotto yet. It's ok, I have a couple ideas:

    1) Use your surroundings: rocks, fenceposts, trees, handrails. I'm always taking photos resting the barrel of my lens on one of these objects, holding down on top of the lens with even, firm pressure to stabilize the camera. I shoot photos just like I shoot a gun; my off-hand grips and stabilizes, while the other hand is only there for squeezing the trigger.

    2)Bean bag!

    3) Get a 1/4" coarse thread screw and some string. The screw should fit in your tripod mount. Tie a good length of string to the screw, long enough to wrap around your foot. You can the pull up on the camera to keep tension on the string, and that should help steady the camera just enough for a burst.
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    Sorry I didn't thank you earlier, I have been out of commission for a while, but now I am up to par. I now have a light weight tripod and a mono-pod so I will be playing with the HDR feature a lot more.
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