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Re: Canon T2i Camera Bag Advice

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Hi Moose,

I read the article on camera bags. Back in 2010, prior to reading the article, I purchased one of the bags that was recommended: CaseLogic Sling Bag. The bag was terrific. However, there is a problem with it and I eventually stopped using it. Due to the mesh backing of the sling, and the friction caused by me sliding the bag forwards and backwards to retrieve the camera while wearting it, the bag ruins my shirts. Do you have any suggestions to remedy this? I would prefer to use this bag again to the new one I purchased (the Case Logic Zoom Holster that was also featured in the article).




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    Take off your shirt or wear tougher ones. Seriously though I was looking at buying this bag myself and it seems that the newer models have a smoother feel to the material and may be kinder to your shirts.
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    I find the Tamrac Rally 4 3444 to be perfect. Size is great for camera and lens, plus 1-2 more additional lenses. The strap is wide, non-slip, and very comfortable. It doesn't look like a camera bag. Fast access to the camera both in and out. The price is right too.
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    I looked at the Tamrac range and I agree that they are good lightweight bags. However, it is not until you get into their pro range that weathershielding and waterproofing become standard. Here in Britain, believe me, we need waterproof bags especially this year. I opted for a Lowepro in the end because even their low end bags come equipped with a stowaway waterproof cover that encircles the whole bag.
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